Safran Aerosystems - Key player in aeronautic equipment and systems

Safran Aerosystems is a world leader in aircraft electrical distribution, inflatable safety and water and waste management systems. The company is also a major supplier of oxygen systems, telemetry and communication solutions, in-flight entertainment systems and fuel systems.

Safran Aerosystems offers innovative systems ensuring a high level of performance and safety for aircraft. Safran Aerosystems boasts five different divisions:

  • The Safety Division manufactures on-board and in-flight safety systems and equipment. The division develops emergency evacuation systems (slides for commercial and military aircraft), inflatable safety products (helicopter emergency flotation equipment and life vests), emergency arresting systems for military aircraft and oxygen masks and systems. The division also develops parachutes for military or space applications.
  • The Electrical and Cockpit Systems division gathers all critical systems for on-board electrical power systems management. The division designs and supplies electrical systems, electrical generators, technical actuators, cockpit components and systems, internal and external lighting systems as well as wiring protection, electrical interconnect and fluid transfer solutions.
  • The Control Systems Division develops on-board control systems. The division designs fuel distribution and measurement systems, on-board and on-ground refueling systems, inerting systems, flexible equipment for fuel tanks, de-icers, flexible tanks, complex elastomer products as well as high-tech products and solutions for aerospace, defense and industrial applications in the fields of airborne telemetry, embedded information management, data acquisition and recording, satellite command and control, remote sensing and Satcom QoS Monitoring.
  • The Fluid and Waste & Water Systems Division gathers activities specialized in fluid management. The division provides solutions for on-board water and waste management systems, electronic systems for cabin interiors, environment control systems, equipment for fuel, hydraulic, air and water systems, rigid joints, hoses and several mechanical parts for aerospace applications and hydraulic systems.
  • The Connected Cabin Division offers innovative in-flight entertainment systems and is specialized in the design and manufacturing of electric systems and features for First and Business Class seats in commercial aircraft.
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