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Sustaining a high degree of technological excellence requires diverse talent. Whether you are a student, recent graduate or an experienced professional, and whether you are in R&D, production, product support or sales, a wide range of career opportunities await you at Safran.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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Product testing

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In the context of the "Quality" policy defined by the Direction, you will define and put into place the management Quality system. You will measure the effects of the system and continuously ensure efficiency.

You will assist operational teams during the entire process (delivery, after sale service).  You will manage the improvement projects in accordance with the orientations and methods of the Group.

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Production electronics engineer / Sagem
Emmanuel is in charge of the test and integration production unit at Sagem's Fougères plant, overseeing 120 electronics technicians and engineers.


How would you describe the position of electronics production technician or engineer?

We apply our technical skills to our main product, printed circuit boards, through testing, production engineering studies, technical investigations, the development of production resources and programs, and also technology intelligence.

Our performance is based on our ability to adapt and to innovate. Our engineers and technicians provide a constant stream of improvement suggestions for our products, facilities and processes.


What type of skills are needed in these jobs?

Our technicians and engineers must above all have a solid base in electronics – both analog and digital – and industrial IT, coupled with very inquisitive technical nature. We're also looking for people who are familiar with power electronics.

At the heart of the production process, our engineers are primary contacts with development centers for the development of products, test systems and methods, along with the supply chain, quality assurance and continuous improvement. One of the most enriching aspects of this job is the number of different people you get to work with.

We also welcome people who have worked in development centers, because they contribute real product knowledge, which is necessary when we're working with R&D during the production engineering phases.


What type of career opportunities do you offer?

The wide breadth of projects at Safran makes our work especially interesting, and also offers a number of different opportunities. To work in our environment, you need to be versatile. What I especially like about Fougères is that we make products for a broad range of applications.

Furthermore, it's an environment that allows people to quickly move up to supervisory and management jobs, including project management.


Why should they choose Safran?

Because the work is fascinating! We work at the crossroads between electronics and aeronautics, in a strong growth sector. Tomorrow's aircraft will be more and more electric, and that's why Safran is developing state-of-the-art technologies in this area, a stance that naturally attracts the top electronics engineers and technicians. 

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